Check out the lowdown for Thunderbirds Are Go 320 “Icarus” which features a prestigious global airshow unveiling an ultra fast superjet.

Thunderbirds Are Go 320 - Airshow
Thunderbirds Are Go 320 “Icarus” – Attendants to the Prestigious Global Airshow ©2019 ITV Studios Limited / Pukeko Pictures LP

Thunderbirds Are Go Season 3 Episode 20 will first air on UK’s ITV Saturday, Saturday January 11th, 2020. We expect it will be shown at 8:00 am – 8:30 am. It also shows on CITV at the same time and usually at other times during the weekend.

This is the second of eight final episodes. Unfortunately it looks like these will be the last episodes of this CGI animated Thunderbirds.

The series is also available Amazon Prime. This current batch will be found is what they call Season 6.

Thunderbirds Are Go 320 Clip

Teaser Clip – The Tracys Attend a Prestigious Global Airshow

Clip 2 – International Rescue Save a Test Pilot from Icarus!

Thunderbirds Are Go 320 Lowdown

Season 3 Episode 20 “Icarus”

Production Number 2/2131/0072/001

Story Teaser: While the members of International Rescue attend a prestigious global airshow, a test pilot unveils an ultra fast superjet. 


Virgil & Gordon Tracy… David Menkin
Scott & Alan Tracy… Rasmus Hardiker
Kayo… Angel Coulby
Professor Kwark… Gemma Chan
Announcer… Ceallach Spellman
Lady Penelope… Rosamund Pike
Tom… Leo Ridge

Production Credits

Writer… Benjamin Townsend
Head Writer… Rob Hoegee
Original Authors… Gerry & Sylvia Anderson
Composers… Barry Gray, Ben Foster & Nick Foster
Voice Director… Dave Peacock
Producers… Stuart Mcara, Teresa Reed
Director… Karl Essex
Executive Producers… Estelle Hughes, Giles Ridge, Clive Spink, & Richard Taylor

©ITV Studios Limited / Pukeko Pictures LP 2019.
All copyright in the original Thunderbirds™ series is owned by ITC Entertainment Group Limited.
A Co-production of ITV Studios / Pukeko Pictures in association with ITV Studios Global Entertainment