In this John Cho interview he tells us about his latest movie The Grudge. What is his character and why this movie? Plus, why he thinks the cinema is the best place to see a this film!

It’s Producer Sam Raimi who brings us this new twisted new take of the horror classic!

The Grudge star John Cho interview

Cho thoughts

Actor John Cho, often known for comedic roles, plays property agent Peter Spencer. He was immediately taken with the script and the story. “These sorts of adult situations, kind of real life horrors, are absent in cinema right now,” he informs.

The Grudge - John
The Grudge – A handy scene with Peter Spencer (John Cho, maybe!) © 2018 CTMG, Screen Gems

“This felt like an adult role. And the rest of the cast are grownups. It felt like, with the help of the genre, we were telling a story that just is not being told in movies today. It felt fresh, it felt grounded, and I thought it was a subversive way to do it. And I just thought that was cool.”

The Grudge - Director Nicolas Pesce
The Grudge – Director Nicolas Pesce on the set © 2018 CTMG, Screen Gems

He was also fond of the way Director Nicolas Pesce (pronounced “Pesh”) built the couple’s story over time. “The way Nic shot it, we see the aftermath of things. Sometimes we’re not in the horrible moment, but in the aftermath of it, and we spent a long time working up to it. Sometimes, when you don’t see something, it is a lot worse than what’s going on in your imagination.”

The Grudge - John Cho
The Grudge – Peter Spencer (John Cho) © 2018 CTMG, Screen Gems

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