Check out the Doctor Who 1209 – Arrival Clip. Here the Doctor and gang arrive to give help to deal with the Cybermen. However it looks like Cybermen and already arriving!

We also have some new pictures from BBC America. The main one, above, shows The Doctor with Lone Cyberman Ashad (Patrick O’Kane). There is another the the Lone Cyberman below plus Graham (Bradley Walsh) with Ethan (Matt Carver).

Doctor Who 1209 – Arrival Clip

Doctor Who Series 12 Episode 9 of 10

Episode Seven: “The Haunting Of Villa Diodati” airs Sunday February 23rd, 2020

The aftermath of the Great CyberWar. The Doctor and friends arrive in the far future intent on protecting the last of the human race from the deadly Cybermen. But in the face of such a relentless enemy, has the Doctor put her best friends at risk?

What terrors lie hiding in the depths of space? And what is Ko Sharmus?

Guest starring Julie Graham, Patrick O’Kane, Steve Toussaint and Ian McElhinney.

Airs Sunday February 23rd, 2020 on BBC American and BBC One.


Colin Davies

The editor of Film Review Online