Check out the just released Thunderbirds Are Go 326 End Clip. The episode aired last week so hopefully if you were interested you will have seen it. It provides a nice reminder for what was a very good series.

The series paid homage to the original with a few tweaks and adjustments for current day perspectives. That’s assuming you get over the fact that their puppets are no longer actual real models, actual puppets.

I still smiled at the prospect of Stingray in the water tank in the Tracy’s home… One of the bits in this episode that showed they had really thought about the series was when Jeff Tracy did the countdown for the Zero XL launch that was a really nice touch.

Thunderbirds Are Go 326 End Clip

Thunderbirds Are Go 326 Lowdown

Season 3 Episode 26 “Long Reach: Part 2”

Production Number 2/2131/0078/001

Story Teaser: International Rescue attempt their most difficult mission ever while defending Tracy Island from a dangerous assault.


Jeff Tracy… Lee Majors
Virgil & Gordon Tracy… David Menkin
Scott & Alan Tracy… Rasmus Hardiker
John Tracy… Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Brains… Kayvan Novak
Kayo… Angel Coulby
Grandma Tracy… Sandra Dickinson
The Hood… Andres Williams
Lady Penelope… Rosamund Pike
Parker… David Graham
The Mechanic… Chris Jarman
Fuse… Craig Stein
Havoc… Aimee-Ffion Edwards
Colonel Casey… Adjoa Andoh
Captain Rigby… Marc Silk

Production Credits

Writer… Rob Hogee
Original Authors… Gerry & Sylvia Anderson
Composers… Barry Gray, Ben Foster & Nick Foster
Voice Director… Dave Peacock
Producers… Stuart Mcara, Teresa Reed
Directors… Karl Essex
Executive Producers… Estelle Hughes, Giles Ridge, Clive Spink, & Richard Taylor