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Walking on Water – Official Trailer

Check out Walking on Water – Official Trailer.

Walking on Water – Official Trailer

Watch it now: http://mad.mn/walkingonwater #WalkingOnWater follows internationally renowned artist #Christo on his quest to realise “The Floating Piers”, originally conceived in 1970 by Christo and his late wife and collaborator, Jeanne-Claude. In 2016, seven years after Jeanne-Claude’s death, this stunning, site-specific masterpiece was finally cleared to be mounted on Italy’s Lake Iseo, which lies at the foot of the Alps. But securing a location proved to be only the first step in a tumultuous process of creative problem solving and prickly negotiations.

An illuminating portrait of a master artist and the arduous business of bringing an ambitious work to life, WALKING ON WATER gives us a rare and entertaining look into the business of large-scale art production. In July 2018, Floating Piers attracted over 1.2 million visitors.

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