When Russell Crowe first read the script for Unhinged, he had an instinctive response. It  was: “Absolutely not. I’m not doing this movie”. He explained why, “it scares (the shit) out of me” and told how the character “is intensely dark…”!

He then realised something about the role, “I heard that come out of my mouth, I was like, since when did I stop doing that? Cause that’s basically what I look for. I look for the challenges.”

Russell said of the character, “He is absolutely terrifying”.

Unhinged - Russell Crowe
Unhinged – The Man (Russell Crowe) © 2020 Solstice Studios

The Character

When we meet “The Man,” in the movie he has already reached rock bottom. He has lost his job, his wife, and he’s also about to lose his house, In fact he is no longer capable of showing any level of compassion towards others. He’s lost faith in everything he ever believed in and feels like everyone has failed him. From his perspective, he has nothing to lose.

Russell tells, “I started to see how this film connects to where we are right now. In terms of the seeming inability of people from different perspectives to have a polite conversation”.

Who is “The Man?”

In the film we don’t know Russell character’s name. Producer, Lisa Ellzey tells how “The Man” is a universal character. “His anonymity speaks to many who feel “invisible” and disillusioned. Having had a recent series of personal failures, he’s disconnected from society and has lost the capacity for lucid judgment.

“The Man” feels like he doesn’t measure up and people don’t understand him. ” [In Unhinged], ‘The Man’ is in this car on a hot day, somebody honks and he becomes unhinged, then there’s really nothing that’s going to stop him from being seen and heard,” states Lisa.

Director, Derrick Borte explains, “There are a lot of angry people in the world, especially now”. Derrick goes on to tell “I think that road rage is just one of the symptoms. Of where we are as a society. Where people can’t have disagreements and actually talk about them in some way that remains civil and productive.”

Unhinged Release

It is the first new film to open in movie theaters following the months-long shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It aims to bring an edge-of-your-seat thriller to audiences. Hopefully they will be eager to return to the movies. You can catch Unhinged in certain US theatres from Judy 1st, 2020.