Check out Biohackers Trailer from Netflix. This German made six episode sci-fi tv series follows a medical student working with a Professor into genetic enhancements. This is big as it could change the fate of humanity!

Biohackers Trailer

Biohackers Netflix Lowdown

From THC chips to genetic enhancements, welcome to the world of Biohacking.

When “Mia” (Luna Wedler) begins her medical degree, she seems like any other student. She gains the trust of the brilliant Professor Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz). Then it becomes apparent that the Prof’s hiding a secret so big it could change the fate of humanity.

From the director of tv series Girlboss, Christian Ditter, comes a thriller that will make you question the makeup of life itself.

Biohackers will be streaming on Netflix from August 20th, 2020

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