Disney have announced a delay to Avatar & Star Wars sequels by a year. Plus Mulan, a live action adaption of their less famous cartoon, has simply been pulled from the schedule!

We have long awaited James Cameron’s Avatar sequels and had until recently expected the first in December 2021.

Avatar & Star Wars sequels dates

Avatar 2December 2022
Avatar 3December 2023
Star Wars New Trilogy 1
Avatar 4December 2024
Star Wars New Trilogy 2
Star Wars New Trilogy 3December 2025
Mulan (Yifei Liu) ©2020 Walt Disney

Mulan, like Warner’s Tenet will await the ‘human malware’ problem to be a least partly lessen. This is particularly a problem in the US where some theaters are ok to open and some not. Both Los Angeles and New York area are badly affected. These are key areas for a film’s release.

Meanwhile we still have to see what will happen to Unhinged. That is currently due out July 31st, 2020. That is expect to drift a little for a few more cinemas to open in the States. Others like Bill & Ted 3 will adopt what we suggested a few days go and to accept currently reality of a joint Home-on-Demand and Cinema release.

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