Here Unhinged Star Russell Crowe talks in-depth about the movie and how the script scared him! Plus some behind the scenes shots of the production.

Unhinged has now settled on a USA release date of August 21st, 2020. It first opened in Germany on July 16th and other places around the world on July 31st, 2020.

Unhinged Star Russell Crowe in-depth, Video Interview

Russell Crowe background

Russell was Born in New Zealand, but raised Australia. It was there he gained international attention for his work on the big screen.

The AFI recognized him three consecutive years. This started in 1990 when he was nominated for Best Actor for The Crossing. The 1993 Seattle International Film Festival not only named him Best Actor for his work in Romper Stomper but in Hammers Over the Anvil too.

Russell’s American film debut was in Sam Raimi’s 1995 Western, The Quick and the Dead. Later he went on to earn acclaim for his role in Curtis Hanson’s crime drama LA Confidential.

Acting Honors

His many acting honors include:-

  • Three consecutive Best Actor Oscar® nominations for his work in the acclaimed 1999 drama The Insider
  • The 2000 Best Picture winner, Gladiator, for which he took home the Oscar®
  • Best Picture winner, A Beautiful Mind in 2001

Latest roles

More recently Russell Crowe starred alongside Tom Cruise in Universal’s modern-day reboot The Mummy and in Joel Edgerton’s Boy Erased with Nicole Kidman and Lucas Hedges.

On the television side, he received rave reviews last year for his performance as Roger Ailes in Showtime’s The Loudest Voice

Your be able to see Russell next year in The Georgetown Project. It’s a thriller where he is starring opposite Sam Worthington.

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