Here we highlight some of the more interesting quotes from our choice of the Tenet Reviews. They were all on an embargo and are being made available now two weeks ahead of the USA release as elsewhere the film is released next week. They should give you an idea of the general feeling for this film.

I should say Sci-Fi is my thing and the more ‘sophisticate’ the better! Your therefore guess this is something I have been looking forward to. Does it live up to the hype?

PG-13, 150 minutes

  • Released August 26th, 2020, in Canada, UK, Europe & Australia
  • Released September 3rd, 2020, in USA & Russia

New York Times’ Tenet review by Jessica Kiang

  • In Tenet… the killer scene is a corridor fight. We see it twice, and each time, after your brain clicks…. The sheer how-did-they-do-that ingenuity is dazzling.
  • [The] plot so contorted it’s best not to worry about it. Even the scientist played by Clémence Poésy… eventually cops out. “Don’t try to understand it, feel it” is the best advice anyone offers.
  • Tenet dazzles the senses, but it does not move the heart — a criticism common to all of Nolan’s original films.
FRO Rating: 4 Stars

(our reading of the review)

Tenet - John David Washington and Christopher Nolan
Tenet – The Protagonist (John David Washington) and director/ writer/ producer Christopher Nolan on the set ©2020 Warner Bros, photo by Melinda Sue Gordon

The Hollywood Reporter’s Tenet review by Leslie Felperin

  • That’s a megaton of pressure for one sci-fi action film with a relatively little-known lead actor on the poster (John David Washington from BlacKkKlansman, dashing but a little dull).
  • If it seems like this review is shying away from describing the plot, that’s not just out of concern to avoid spoilers. I watched the movie twice for this review, and still feel very confused about what is supposed to be going on and why.
  • Altogether, it makes for a chilly, cerebral film — easy to admire, especially since it’s so rich in audacity and originality, but almost impossible to love, lacking as it is in a certain humanity.
FRO Rating: 3 Stars

(our reading of the review)

Tenet - John David Washington
Tenet – The Protagonist (John David Washington) ©2020 Warner Bros

Now Toronto Tenet Review by Radheyan Simonpillai

  • Christopher Nolan’s ambitious and monumental sci-fi spy movie is a mind-blowing spectacle. But… is often frustratingly incomprehensible.
  • Massively scaled sequences have time moving forward and backwards and zigzagging all at once. The action exceeds anything Nolan has ever done before.
  • Washington does appear to lean into what his race brings to the role. People size him up, dismiss him as out of his league in rarefied restaurants… And he’s got that swagger to cut right through all that.
FRO Rating: 3 Stars
Tenet - Elizabeth Debicki
Tenet – Kat (Elizabeth Debicki) ©2020 Warner Bros, photo by Melinda Sue Gordon

The Guardian Tenet review by Catherine Shoard

  • No wonder Christopher Nolan thinks Tenet can save cinema. That’s a doddle compared to the challenge faced in his film, which, we’re frequently reminded, is a proper whopper.
  • Tenet’s real engine is its action sequences, in particular one involving a cargo plane and another multi-car chase. They’re good; they have to be.
  • The world is more than ready for a fabulous blockbuster, especially one that happens to feature face masks and chat about going back in time to avoid catastrophe. It’s a real shame Tenet isn’t it.
FRO Rating: 2 Stars
Tenet – Kat (Elizabeth Debicki) and Andrei Sator (Kenneth Branagh) ©2020 Warner Bros, photo by Melinda Sue Gordon

South China Morning Post Tenet Review by James Mottram

  • Christopher Nolan’s Tenet arrives both shrouded in secrecy and with the hopes of cinemas pinned on it: will it lure people back to the big screen in a post-Covid world?
  • Happily, Tenet exceeds our already sky-high expectations. An exotic high-concept espionage tale that also feels like a summation of his work to date.
  • Occasionally crucial lines of dialogue are muffled – a frustration given just how dense the script is – but Tenet is best approached as an experience to be felt rather than comprehensively understood.
FRO Rating: 5 Stars

Tenet Overall Rating

FRO Rating: 3.5 Stars