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Having followed the information about Unhinged and then the comments by Star Russell Crowe, about how he approached the film, I had already made up my mine. This does not seem to be a form of entertainment that I would enjoy. The one good thing is like the B-movie it is that is run 90 minutes!

As you will note the reviewers here thought the same. I should add that outside of where we normally look there are other reviewers that actually liked the film!

Unwatchable, Rated R, 90 minutes.

New York Times’ Unhinged review by Jeannette Catsoulis

  • Laying a murderous, opioid-popping misogynist in a greasy genre picture is a curious move for an actor of Crowe’s repute, yet he’s nothing if not game.
  • Don’t be fooled by the movie’s scattered references to a culture of rage and declining civility: “Unhinged” is as far from serious social critique as Man is from his sanity.

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Unhinged – In the mirror… Rachel (Caren Pistorius) © 2020 Solstice Studios

San Francisco Chronicle’s Unhinged review By Jocelyn Noveck 

  • It also lacks any discernible trace of deeper social meaning, or even — which might have saved it — a whiff of self-aware wit. So THIS is the movie that’s going to proudly welcome us back to the multiplex?
  • Despite the film being dubbed a “psychological thriller,” one is hard pressed to find the psychology
  • Find another film to bring you back to the theater.

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Entertainment weekly’s Unhinged review by Leah Greenblatt

  • A revenge thriller so furiously rudimental that a more fitting title might have contained no words at all
  • What could have been a pleasingly lean and mean kind of B-movie becomes somehow both over-egged and under baked.

C- = 2 stars

Unhinged – Rachel (Caren Pistorius) © 2020 Solstice Studios

Hollywood Reporter’s Unhinged review by Stephen Dalton

  • Unhinged, the kind of stubbornly lowbrow revenge thriller that could easily have been released 20 or 30 years ago, probably with a washed-up minor action star as the lead.
  • Crowe appears to take Unhinged as seriously as he takes himself, which is very seriously indeed. In doing so, he pretty much denies the film even the consolation prize of being a trashy guilty pleasure.
  • Even as mindless entertainment, Unhinged is mostly running on empty.

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Unhinged – Rachel (Caren Pistorius) © 2020 Solstice Studios

Guardian’s Unhinged review Peter Bradshaw

  • The title is one of many unsubtle things about it.
  • Unhinged pinballs its away around, with cars bashing and pranging into other cars and these stunts do have a metal-crunching, bone-fracturing effectiveness. But the off-road violence is too much.
  • Unhinged is a by-the-numbers violent movie, a driverless car heading up a dead end.

2 stars

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