Here is an insight to All Creatures Great and Small 102 which airs on Channel 5, Tuesday September 8th 2020. The USA will be able to see this from January 2021 on PBS in it’s Masterpiece slot.

All Creatures Great and Small 102 Lowdown

Episode Two – ‘Another Farnon?’

All Creatures Great and Small 102 – Tristan Farnon (Callum Woodhouse) and James Herriot (Nicholas Ralph) ©2020 Playground Television, photo by Ed Miller

Just when James is settling into life in the Dales, Siegfried’s younger brother Tristan arrives. He brings his own unique brand of chaos to Skeldale House. He has recently returned from Edinburgh Veterinary college Tristan announces he’s just passed his final exams. Siegfried is delighted and instructs James to take Tristan on his rounds to put his theory into practice. James obliges but starts to feel threatened by the new arrival when Tristan goes out of his way to impress his brother.


James’s patience starts to wear thin when Tristan helps him treat a cow with milk fever at the Handshaw’s farm. Despite confidence in his own diagnosis, Tristan encourages James to adopt some of the old Dalesmen ways to treat the cow. However, James ends up making a fool of himself.

Tricki Woo

All Creatures Great and Small 102 – James Herriot (Nicholas Ralph) and Tricki-Woo (Derek) ©2020 Playground Television, photo by Ed Miller

James gets one over on Tristan when they visit wealthy widow Mrs Pumphrey and her poorly Pekingese Tricki Woo. The dog takes an instant shine to James. He then manages bags himself an invite to the annual Pumphrey party. Meanwhile Tristan is forced to stay at home.

Helen is there and a smitten James plucks up the courage to ask her out, only to discover that she’s already spoken for. James’s night goes from bad to worse when Siegfried discovers he made a rookie mistake with Handshaw’s cow.


Back at Skeldale, Mrs Hall works out that Tristan has been keeping secrets of his own. When the truth finally emerges, Siegfried goes berserk and relations between the brothers hit an all-time low.

All Creatures Great and Small 102 – Tristan Farnon (Callum Woodhouse), James Herriot (Nicholas Ralph) and Siegfried Farnon (Samuel West) ©2020 Playground Television, photo by Matt Squire

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