Based on the comic books of the same name, The Boys returns for a second season on Amazon Prime on September 4th, 2020.
The premise of the series spotlights a group of superheroes owned and manipulated by a powerful corporation named Vought. A band of vigilantes called The Boys, led by Billy Butcher, is formed to monitor and stop the Supes.
At the beginning of Season Two, The Boys find themselves hunted by the Supes, and are now in hiding, trying to regroup. They consist of Hughie (Jack Quaid), Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso), Frenchie (Tomer Capon) and Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara), with Butcher (Karl Urban) nowhere to be found.
Executive Producer and show runner, Eric Kripke, along with ‘The Boys,’ joined the TV Critics Association to talk about their new season, which promises to be even more intense than the first.

Surprisingly current

The Boys received a warm welcome from the public and the press. How do you explain the success of the show?

Eric Kripke: I think it’s the acting that made it so successful. It’s a show that works for people who both love and hate superhero stuff. It delivers all the pleasure of that genre but also is highly critical and deconstructive of it.

And I also think this show reflects the exact minute we’re living in. People find it surprisingly current and probably smarter than they thought it was going to be when they tuned in.

The Boys Season 2 -
The Boys Season 2 – Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) ©2020 Netflix

Karl Urban (Billy Butcher): For me it was interesting going into Season 2. Eric got the gang together and said, ‘Listen, for Season 2 we don’t necessarily want to have more special effects and bigger action sequences. What we really wanna do is dive deeper into the characters, into their journeys and really test all (of them).’

All the characters have something that’s very important ripped away from them, and we get to see how they all individually deal with it. Throughout the season, it was a continual process of upping the stakes, leading towards the crescendo.

I remember turning to Laz at one point and saying, ‘Well, we totally have dived deeper into all of these characters, but we also went bigger.’ This season packs such a punch that we’re super excited for everybody to see it.

Laz Alonso (Mother’s Milk): Season 2 definitely has got a blood budget, that’s without a doubt.

The Fights

How long does it take to learn some of that fight choreography?

Jack Quaid (Hughie): Oh man, most of my training is learning how to get hit.

The Boys Season 2 - Karen Fukuhara
The Boys Season 2 – Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) ©2020 Netflix

Karen Fukuhara (Kimiko): For fight training, I think a lot of it comes from the fitness training that builds up to it. You have to make sure that you have the right kind of muscles to be able to do the stunt. And if it’s too dangerous, of course we have our lovely stunt double. I have my stunt double Irma who I’m very good friends with now.

For Season 2, specifically, I did a lot of wire work. So, I had to keep my core muscles going and getting splattered by blood throughout the process. So it’s a lot of prep going into it, making sure your body’s ready. And then in the moment, you can do a 12-hour shoot and you’re ready for the day.


Exactly how gross were the whale guts to have to hang out in?

The Boys Season 2 - Laz Alonso
The Boys Season 2 – Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso) ©2020 Netflix

Laz: When Eric Kripke and the first AD, (who) was in charge of that episode, broke the whale storyline to us, we were all standing in a hallway in front of these storyboards.

He explained how cool it was and how we were gonna drive through the whale, and we’re actually gonna be on the water; shooting this ourselves, no stunt guys, helicopter shots, all this stuff. No green screen, this was gonna be us, 50-foot animatronic whale on the beach that we’re gonna run into.

So without asking, the first AD volunteers that they even have air conditioning built inside the whale, so that when we’re inside the whale, we’re nice and cool.

Eric: I have no recollection of this conversation, just FYI.

Laz: Oh my god! We get to the whale, it’s 90 degrees outside, and 120 degrees inside the whale. I just asked where’s the A/C? When are you guys gonna turn on the A/C?

Karen: It was Laz’s one diva moment.

Karl: Yeah, there’s this one diva moment in the whole season. I look over at Laz and he’s progressively getting more and more agitated. The sweat’s starting to form. And he’s like “Could we get some A/C here in the whale?!”

Only on this show would you hear something as bananas as that. I mean, never in my career, ‘Could we get some A/C in the whale?!’

And the bees; the blood was attracting all sorts of insects. It was bloody uncomfortable.

Jack: Battling away wasps in the whale. It was crazy.


Tomer, can you tease anything further about Frenchie’s backstory we’ll get in Season 2?

The Boys Season 2 -
The Boys Season 2 – Frenchie (Tomer Capon) ©2020 Netflix

Tomer Capon (Frenchie): Yes, of course. I’m really excited about it. In season 2 we will get this really cool origin story that’s gonna show us how Frenchie became one of The Boys, why he became one of the Boys; definitely a cool (story) for Frenchie this season.

Karen, your character gets so much back-story and has grown in this season. How nice was it to get to play someone a little less feral?

Karen: I think it’s great because even when Eric and I spoke beginning Season 1, he told me he didn’t want Kimiko to just be this weapon or feral creature the entire time.

We wanted to bring a humanistic side of her. And you see that more in Season 2. You see her connection with Frenchie change throughout the season, as well as her connection to her past. (There’s) a lot more communication. I’m just gonna stop right there.

Tomer: Spoiler alert.

The Boys Motivational Soundbyte

The Boys Season 2 - Jack Quaid
The Boys Season 2 – Hughie (Jack Quaid) ©2020 Netflix
Jack Quaid’s character, Hughie, was motivated to avenge his girlfriend in the first season. Has his motivation changed in Season 2? Click below to listen to his reply.



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