Doctor Who, 711 - Diana Rigg
Doctor Who, 711 "The Crimson Horror" - Mrs Gillyflower (Diana Rigg) ©2013 BBC America

The award-winning actress Dame Diana Rigg has died at the age of 82. Worldwide she may best be remembered as a Bond actress. In fact she was the only one to have married her 007!


In March this year she was diagnosed with cancer. She died of that surrounded by her family on Thursday morning, September 10th, 2020.

Action Girl & more

She perhaps first came to be noticed by most UK residents as the co-star of UK’s The Avengers. She played Emma Peel opposite Patrick Macnee’s John Steed, fighting bad guys almost worry of a comic strip. Game Of Thrones fan’s will remember her as Olenna Tyrell.

Upcoming appearances

Only this week, in the UK, she guest starred in the new All Creatures Great and Small! She will make another appearance in episode 5. The series will air on PBS January 2021.

She has two roles yet to be seen. One is in Last Night in Soho set in 1960’s London. That also features Doctor Who and The Crown star Matt Smith. The film currently has a release date of April 23rd, 2021.

She also has the role of Mother Dorothea in a mini-series for the BBC, Black Narcissus. It’s about a group of nuns making home in a remote old Himalayan palace.

Dame Diana Rigg Gallery

Pictured below are some of Diana Riggs more recent roles.