Many Cinemas are re-Closing after Bond 25‘s further delay to April 2021. The owners of Regal (USA) and Cineworld (UK) have apparently, this weekend, chosen to re-close their theatres. The announcement of the further delay in the release date of the No Time to Die has, quite clearly, prompted this action.

Cinemas re-Closing

This means that all 543 of its Regal Cinema theatres will close. In the UK Cineworld theatres’ 128 locations are potentially closing.

During the UK Cineworld theatres first closure they had this on their website:-

All Cineworld cinemas across the UK were closed on Wednesday, 18 March and in Ireland on Tuesday, 17 March 2020, until further notice. This decision was made in the light of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and UK government advice, which the company has been carefully monitoring and following.

Cineworld UK website June 2020

Other Cinemas re-Closing

Other USA cinemas are also likely to re-close. These include Showcase Cinemas, “with operations expected to resume by April 7”, 2021! Independent chain Landmark Theatres and indie chain Alamo Drafthouse are also expected to be closed after this weekend.

AMC, so far, seem to be continuing stay open with it’s Covid-19 safely measures.

Television Production values

Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Colman) and Prince Philip (Tobias Menzies) in season three ©2019 Netflix, photo by Sophie Mutevelian

This of course highlights a more general problem. Television shows now have much closer production valued to films. The likes of Netflix and Disney+ streaming services are willing, and able, to put in more money for shows. The Crown is a good Netflix example where budget improves the quality. Fantasy and Sci-Fi shows quality increase can also be seen with their special effects. Games of Thrones from HBO and even Star Trek: Discovery from CBS streaming service look amazing compared to how tv use to be.

Quality Home Screening Equipment

Then there is the situation of the quality of Televisions in peoples homes. Not only do we have high definition, HD, but we have 4 times the quality with 4K sets. Plus potentially high quality sound systems! All of this can now be distributed with fast internet via the streaming services.

Theatres vs Home

All of this combined this year. Trolls World Tour, not expect to be a particular high earner, went paid Home-on-Demand. The result was staggering huge takings for Universal.

Tenet was the theatrical test. It has so far only taken $41 million in the USA. A faction of what Warner Bros originally expected.

Mulan was taken to pay per view on the Disney+ service. It has reportedly taken many times Tenet‘s taking. In addition it highlighted the relatively new Walt Disney streaming service. A win-win!

Death of Cinema?

The future of Cinema theatres is clearly in question!

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