Check out the documentary Pretending I’m A Superman with a trailer telling the Tony Hawk Video Game Story. It also details how skateboarding went mainstream.

Pretending I’m A Superman Trailer

Pretending I’m A Superman lowdown

The documentary is from award-winning Swedish director Ludvig Gür and acclaimed videogame producer Ralph D’Amato. Pretending I’m A Superman is the story of the skaters and developers who came together to create the best-selling gaming franchise. It is also a look into how skateboarding became a part of the mainstream, and continues to influence modern culture.

It features never-before-seen footage and interviews with legendary skater Tony Hawk. Plus there are industry stars Steve Caballero, Rodney Mullen, Chad Muska, and Eric Koston, Gür. The film takes audiences through an intimate yet extraordinary journey, chronicling the meteoric rise of skate boarding’s most famous name.

First released via internet streaming August 18th, 2020.

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