Check out the Italian crime thriller Suburra Season 3 Trailer. This Netflix original series starts it’s final run from October 30th, 2020.

In Suburra Season 3 we have word of a yearlong celebration organized by the Vatican. This of course will generate a vast revenue. Here we will see it spark a renewed fight to rule the streets of Rome.

Suburra Season 3 Trailer

Suburra The Series lowdown

It all started in 2017 and conceived from the beginning to tell the profane trinity – Church, State, Crime! The whole story is over these three seasons. This is the epic final act.

  • If the first season revolved around the Vatican and the acquisition of lands in Ostia for the construction of a port.
  • The second season was centered on the competition for political power over the city with the election of a new mayor.
  • The final act will have the streets of Rome as the only stage. There is a battle full of twists and unexpected alliances. All of this to get the throne of the Rome.

Suburra Season 3 lowdown

In this final chapter, the fight to conquer Rome becomes more open and ruthless than ever. A big business that will tempt many is coming: the Jubilee, a promise of new illegal traffics, money and power.

However, who will take possession of it will govern the capital. But everything has a price and the throne of Rome too. This time, it will come at a certain price.

The protagonists of the first two seasons are back:

  • Aureliano (Alessandro Borghi)
  • Spadino (Giacomo Ferrara)
  • Amedeo Cinaglia (Filippo Nigro)
  • Samurai (Francesco Acquaroli)
  • Manfredi Anacleti (Adamo Dionisi)
  • Sara Monaschi (Claudia Gerini)
  • Angelica (Carlotta Antonelli)
  • Nadia (Federica Sabatini)
  • Alice Cinaglia (Rosa Diletta Rossi)
  • Adelaide Anacleti (Paola Sotgiu)
  • Cardinale Fiorenzo Nascari (Alberto Cracco)
  • and Adriano (Jacopo Venturiero)

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