Check out The Very Excellent Mr Dundee Official Trailer which star Paul Hogan and Olivia Newton-John.

The Very Excellent Mr Dundee – Official Trailer

The Very Excellent Briefing

Paul Hogan plays himself in this raucous comedy. Retired in LA and overshadowed by his Crocodile Dundee character, Hogan is offered a knighthood by the Queen of England.

However, before he can accept it, Hogan gets caught up in a series of comical scandals. These are dominating gossip shows and social media feeds! Can he keep his reputation clean long enough to hang onto his prize — and his dignity?

Hilarious celebrity co-stars include Chevy Chase, John Cleese, Olivia Newton-John, and more!

The comedy is premiering On-Demand December 11th, 2020!

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