Here is an insight into All Creatures Great and Small 107. It will air on Channel 5 sometime over the Christmas period. Our guest is it will be on Christmas Day but we will now early Dcember for sure. However, for those in the USA they have to wait a bit. The series has not aired there yet. That will start from January 2021 on PBS in it’s Masterpiece slot.

This episode is the final one made for the show’s initial commission. There is still not word if a second series will go ahead. The better is we may hear after the run in the USA

All Creatures Great and Small 107 Lowdown

All Creatures 107 – Mrs Hall (Anna Madeley) and Siegfried Farnon (Samuel West) ©2020 Playground Television, photo by Ed Miller

It’s Christmas Eve and the day before Helen and Hugh’s much anticipated wedding.

Christmas party preparations

James is trying to bury his pain over Helen and has invited his new girlfriend Connie to the annual Skeldale Christmas party.

All Creatures 107 – Mrs Hall (Anna Madeley) and Siegfried Farnon (Samuel West), James Herriot (Nicholas Ralph) and Tristan Farnon (Callum Woodhouse) ©2020 Playground Television

Preparations are well under way. Tristan has decked the halls with mistletoe. Mrs Hall has laid on a feast and is looking forward to her son Edward returning for Christmas.

Caution to the wind?

All Creatures Great and Small 107 – Dorothy (Maimie McCoy) and Siegfried Farnon (Samuel West) ©2020 Playground Television

Siegfried is delighted when Dorothy turns up and wonders if now is the time to throw caution to the wind.

Puppy problem

As the house fills with locals James receives a call from Bert Chapman who wants help with his dog. It is struggling to give birth.

James has to leave the party and is surprised when Helen asks if she can go with him. She wants to get away from all the wedding gossip.


All Creatures Great and Small 107 – Bert Chapman (Dave Hill) and Anne Chapman (Chloe Sylvester) ©2020 Playground Television

Up at the Chapman’s James is faced with a puppy stuck in the birth canal, and Helen sees how much he loves being a vet. When it’s time to leave, James is horrified to discover the fog has descended trapping them high up in the Dales until morning.

James calls Skeldale and promises to get Helen back to Darrowby in time for the wedding. Meanwhile he is wondering if he will be able to suppress his true feelings for her!

All Creatures Great and Small 107 – Wedding? ©2020 Playground Television, photo by Matt Squire

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