Here is the Doctor Who “Revolution of the Daleks” Official Trailer but it’s not airing until next year! Thankfully that only just over a month’s time as it airs January 1st, 2021.

Doctor Who “Revolution of the Daleks” Official Trailer

Doctor Who “Revolution of the Daleks” lowdown

The holiday special will see a host of exciting guest stars. These include the previously announced John Barrowman MBE, who will be reprising his role as Captain Jack Harkness.

We also have:-

Titanic Blood And Steel (2012, tv) - Chris Noth
Titanic Blood And Steel (2012, tv) – JP Morgan (Chris Noth) ©2012 Starz
  • Chris Noth (Sex and the City), who will be back as the disgraced Jack Robertson
  • Dame Harriet Walter (Killing Eve, Succession) who will be making her Doctor Who debut
  • Television star Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (The Trial of Christine Keeler)
Downton Abbey, 501 - Harriet Walter
Downton Abbey, 501 – Lady Shackleton (Harriet Walter) ©2014 Carnival Films, photo by Nick Briggs

Viewers last saw the Thirteenth Doctor at the end of season 12, where her fate was left hanging in the balance. She was locked away in a high-security alien prison with no hope of escape!

In the upcoming New Year’s Day special, Yaz, Ryan and Graham are far away on Earth and having to carry on with their lives without her. However, they soon discover a disturbing plan forming. A plan which involves a Dalek. How can you fight a Dalek without the Doctor?

Even with Captain Jack’s help, the gang are set to face one of their biggest and most frightening challenges yet!

Doctor Who Special 2020 - John Barrowman
John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks ©2020 BBC Studios / BBC America, photo by James Pardon