Check out Beat Street – Dance, from Montage MGM Studios 1984 production.

Beat Street – Dance Montage

Hip Hop classic, Beat Street, is a whole #MGMood. What’s your favorite scene from the film?

Beat Street (1984) lowdown

At the forefront of early hip-hop culture, DJ Kenny Kirkland (Guy Davis), his B-boy brother, Lee (Robert Taylor), and graffiti artist Ramon (John Chardiet) all have hopes of showcasing their talents outside the confines of South Bronx, N.Y. When Tracy Carlson (Rae Dawn Chong), a composer and choreographer, runs into Kirkland and Lee at one of Manhattan’s hottest nightclubs, she offers Lee an opportunity to perform on TV. However, the crew has a long way to go before achieving their dreams.

Directed By: Stan Lathan. Story by Richard Lee Sisco.

Cast: Rae Dawn Chong, Guy Davis, & Jon Chardiet. Story by Richard Lee Sisco.
Written By Andrew Davis, David Gilbert, Paul Golding, Steven Hager

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