Here we have the promo trailer for Star Trek: Discovery 3×13 Season Finale. The episode is “That Hope Is You, Part 2” follows the first episode of Season 3 which was titled “That Hope Is You”. Basically it all depends on Commander Micheal Burnham, of course!

Star Trek: Discovery 3×13 Season Finale Promo

In the previous episode “There Is A Tide…” Osyraa captured the Discovery and had a meeting with Admiral Vance. Meanwhile Burnham and the crew had to support the odds to attempt to regain command of their ship…

The sphere data that the ship had acquired in Season 1 had evaded detection by Osyraa’s band. At the end of the episode we saw it was actually hiding in three of the repair drones! So Discovery’s crew may have a bit of help!

Star Trek: Discovery 3×13 “That Hope Is You, Part 2” will first be available to view on the streaming service CBS All Access from January 7th, 2021. Those watching outside the USA on Netflix will be able to see it the following day.

Star Trek: Discovery 3x12 - Janet Kidder
Janet Kidder as Osyraa in Star Trek: Discovery 3×12 “There Is A Tide…” ©2020 CBS Interactive, Photo by Michael Gibson