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The film came out on December 16th, 2020 in the UK and a lot of places outside of the USA. In the USA Warners, some wha controversially, released in simultaneously in the Cinema and their streaming service HBO Max. That release was December 25th, 2020. Australia and New Zealand got it the following day.

Washington Post Wonder Woman 1984 Review

By Ann Hornaday

Throughout much of the film, women get hit on, harassed and assaulted with grim regularity. Presumably to remind the #MeToo-era audience! As Gloria Steinem famously observed, sexist depredations women routinely suffered were once just called “life.”

The same elements that made Wonder Woman such a pleasure to watch are present in WW84. Including the supremely self-possessed Gadot

Viewers are treated to two movies: The first one, that hits its marks with the sure-footedness of young Diana making her way through Themyscira’s backcountry. [However the] second one that feels bloated, grandiose and drearily overblown.

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Wonder Woman 1984 -Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine, behind) © 2020 Warner Bros & DC Comics

Los Angles Times Wonder Woman 1984 Review

By Justin Chang

This extravagant, genially overstuffed sequel may be a product of 2020, but its spirit feels gratifyingly in sync with 1984.

The pandemic’s toll on moviegoing, and the temporary suspension of our collective blockbuster fatigue, may account in part for why this picture makes such welcome company.

Here Diana needs only the twinge of an eyebrow to register doubt or self-reproach. Only a knowing smile and a muttered “We won’t be doing that today” to bring a gun-toting robber to his knees!

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Wonder Woman 1984 -Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) in action © 2020 Warner Bros & DC Comics

Hollywood Reporter Wonder Woman 1984 Review

By David Rooney

The feverish anticipation around this sequel at the end of a pandemic year… will automatically generate an enthusiastic welcome. Even if it doesn’t avoid the sophomore trap.

They follow the dangerously empowered Max to an Egypt of CG pyramids. [Here] there’s also a thrilling road chase in which Diana and Steve go up against the crooked American businessman. [He] has co-opted an oil baron’s security detail in armored vehicles. But it’s soon after that point that the movie starts succumbing to breathless over-plotting.

But watching her soar through the air — while consistent with later editions of the comic — also detracts from the athletic leaps that make the character distinctive.

The climax in which good inevitably triumphs over evil… makes way for the value of truth seems, well, anticlimactic.

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Wonder Woman 1984 – Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) in 1984’s attire! © 2020 Warner Bros & DC Comics

Canada’s Toronto Star Wonder Woman 1984 Review

By Peter Howell

Returning to the saga (no spoiler, it’s in the trailer) is the gnarly Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. [He’s] Diana/Wonder Woman’s fly boy love interest, who supplies fish-out-of-water yuks as he discovers jet planes and Pop Tarts.

There may be a lot of padding in Wonder Woman 1984, but there’s also a lot to enjoy. Gadot’s character isn’t getting older, she’s evolving, and that’s worth watching.

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Wonder Woman 1984 – Oil Barron, Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) © 2020 Warner Bros & DC Comics, photo by Clay Enos

UK’s Observer Wonder Woman 1984 Review

By Mark Kermode

From a sweeping Themyscira prologue in which young Diana is taught the importance of accepting defeat with grace (“nothing good is born from lies”). To scenes in which Lord rants like a blood-raged tyrant from the presidential podium. It’s hard to imagine a more apposite time to be watching WW1984.

Yet for all its satirical bite, director and co-writer Patty Jenkins’s lively action-fantasy never feels preachy or sour.

Some sections of the globe-trotting plot strike a baggy, backward-looking. [However], it’s the smaller moments that make this fly. Particularly when the film uses fantasy to turn horribly real everyday harassments into moments of air-punching triumph.

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Wonder Woman 1984 -Director Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot on the set © 2020 Warner Bros & DC Comics, photo by Clay Enos

Wonder Woman 1984 Reviews round-up

This quote from The Star sums up the reaction to Wonder Woman 1984:- “There may be a lot of padding in Wonder Woman 1984, but there’s also a lot to enjoy.”

  • Washington Post 3 Stars
  • Los Angles Times 5 Stars
  • Hollywood Reporter 4 Stars
  • Canada’s Toronto Star 4 Stars
  • UK’s Observer 4 Stars

Note that The Observer is published on Sundays and is the Sister paper of daily The Guardian. Also of note, Mark reviewed for Film Review in the print version days.

Average rating is a favorable 4 Stars

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