We covered what the stars thought of being in the show yesterday, today we check out the Debris reviews. Is it as good as the showrunner, Joel Wyman’s Fringe?

The story has wreckage from a destroyed alien spacecraft scattering across the Western Hemisphere. However, it soon becomes apparent the pieces are messing with the laws of physics! It’s changing lives in ways we can’t comprehend…

Two agents from different continents, and different mindsets, are tasked to work together to recover the debris, whose mysteries humankind is not quite ready for.

The cast includes Jonathan Tucker, Riann Steele, Norbert Leo Butz and Scroobius Pip. Creator and showrunner JH Wyman writes and executive produces.

Debris, 101 - Jonathan Tucker, Riann Steele
Debris, 101 “Pilot” – Jonathan Tucker as Bryan Benventi, Riann Steele as Finola Jones ©2021 NBC, photo by Sergei Bachlakov

Wall Street Journey‘s Debris review by John Anderson

  • It’s hard not to warm to NBC’s ambitious Debris, which may just sweep viewers off their feet.
  • The black, animated shards of spacecraft seem to tap into people’s grief, resurrecting their loved ones—in some ephemeral form
  • It’s in no rush to provide details, only mood

Plays hard-to-get

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FRO Rating: 4 Stars
4 out of 5 stars from our reading

Roger Ebert‘s Debris review by Brian Tallerico

  • Debris [is] another show about interstellar visitors but one that seeks to be more Arrival than Independence Day.
  • The concept and cast are strong enough that it could become another Fringe, or it could run out of ideas in a couple of weeks
  • Two decades ago, Debris would have felt new

Could go either way

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FRO Rating: 2.5 Stars
2.5 out of 5 stars from our reading

TV Guide‘s Debris review by Kelly Connolly

  • We’re meant to gaze in awe as human bodies hover above the ground, but it’s hard to swoon when our heroes are too busy gathering data
  • It’s clear from the pilot that, if nothing else, the show thinks that’s pretty cool
  • it’s a bad sign that the first episode of the series is more emotionally invested in the stand-alone parts of the story than it is in its mythology, much less its leads

Nothing to say

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FRO Rating: 2 Stars
2 out of 5 stars from our reading

TV Line‘s Debris review by Dave Nemetz

  • I’ve officially got my hopes up for Debris, which gets off to a great start and is packed with potential.Debris springs from the mind of Fringewriter
  • JH Wyman, and it briskly chugs along with the same geeky, goofy energy that beloved show had.
  • It is hard to get too excited, though. I’ve only seen one episode, after all, and we’ve all been down this road before, with sci-fi dramas setting up intriguing mysteries, only to be cancelled before we get any answers.

Smart and strange

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FRO Rating: 4 Stars
Rated B+ = 4 out of 5 stars

Debris reviews summary

Wall Street Journey‘s Debris review by John AndersonFRO Rating: 4 Stars
Roger Ebert‘s Debris review by Brian TallericoFRO Rating: 2.5 Stars
TV Guide‘s Debris review by Kelly ConnollyFRO Rating: 2 Stars
TV Line‘s Debris review by Dave NemetzFRO Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewers Ratings
FRO Rating: 3 Stars

Average review of the group is 3.1 Stars. A good starting point but will it continue this way?

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