Here is our selection of the Coming 2 America reviews. In the film Eddie Murphy reprises his role as the ever-charming Prince Akeem and leads an all-star cast in Coming 2 America. It’s a sequel, to the 1988 Coming To America.

Was in funny or a dud? Check out what the consensus was below.

Coming 2 America -Randy Watson (Eddie Murphy) © 2020 Paramount Pictures, photo by Annette Brown

New York TimesComing 2 America Review

by AO Scott

  • The newly minted crown prince of Zamunda, complains about the state of Hollywood filmmaking… He’s vocal in his disdain for superhero spectacles and “sequels that nobody asked for”!
  • Coming 2 — not unlike Brewer and Murphy’s previous collaboration, Dolemite Is My Name — is a sweet and silly celebration of Black popular culture
  • this movie provides further testimony to the absolute comic genius of Wesley Snipes

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3 out of 5 Stars from our reading of the review

Coming 2 America -General Izzi (Wesley Snipes) © 2020 Paramount Pictures, photo by Quantrell D Colbert

Los Angeles TimesComing 2 America Review

by Justin Chang

  • Coming 2 America is the rare sequel whose title sounds identical to the original, which may be the cleverest thing about it
  • The movie tries to compensate for its unapologetic royalism with hand-wringing about the Zamundan patriarchy but stops short of making its female characters too interesting or distinctive
  • After his joyous work in Dolemite, Murphy mostly straitjackets his usual ebullience in a way that feels like another throwback

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1 out of 5 stars from our reading of the review.

Coming 2 America – Lavelle Junson (Jermaine Fowler) © 2020 Paramount Pictures, photo by Quantrell D Colbert

The Guardian‘s Coming 2 America Review

by Peter Bradshaw

  • Murphy is back as the Zamundan prince seeking his son in the US, in this tired sequel to the 80s comedy hit
  • A made-up African country isn’t regarded as automatically offensive, and its neighbouring state Nextdoria is quite funny
  • Murphy is oddly waxy and stately, and has no authority figures he can really play off

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Rated 2 Stars

Coming 2 America – King Jaffe Joffer (James Earl Jones) © 2020 Paramount Pictures

Hollywood Reporter‘s Coming 2 America Review

by Frank Scheck

  • The film will easily capitalize on the lingering nostalgic affection for one of Murphy’s most successful efforts
  • The rudimentary storyline proves merely an excuse to recycle familiar beats, especially Murphy and Hall’s latex-slathered turns as a variety of supporting characters
  • Much of the film’s fun, though, stems from the celebrity cameos — including Morgan Freeman amusingly sending up his godlike narrator image

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2 out of 5 stars from our reading of the review

Coming 2 America – Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy’s characters © 2020 Paramount Pictures

Entertainment Weekly‘s Coming 2 America Review

by Kristen Baldwin

  • A joy to report that Coming 2 America (March 5 on Amazon Prime) is cute and fun
  • Punchlines are slipped in everywhere, from the voiceover on ZNN (Zamunda News Network) to the lyrics sung by the choir backing Gladys Knight
  • The script is a little drag-and-drop at times, echoing story points and dialogue from the original too closely

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Rated B equal to 4 out of 5 Stars

Coming 2 America – Eddie Murphy (left) on the set © 2020 Paramount Pictures, photo by Quantrell D Colbert

Reviews Round-Up

New York Times3 Stars
Los Angeles Times1 Star
The Guardian2 Stars
Hollywood Reporter2 Stars
Entertainment Week4 Stars
Coming 2 America star ratings table

So the average of the ratings works out at 2.4 out of 5 stars. I guess it really depends on your taste of comedy. Might be fun for some!

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