We cover all aspects of the Film world.

Our journalists are on set and at the press conferences to bring you interviews conducted with the stars, writers and directors. We are also at the press screenings to bring you reviews as the films are released.

As time has gone by technology has brought up the quality of television. We are therefore covering TV movies and shows side by side with the films intended for theatrical release.

Your find trailers, clips and exclusive video on the site. Your also find photo galleries, press releases and release/air dates.

The time we display is New York time.

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Our Authors

These are some of our main contributors. Click on their name for a list of their articles.

Colin Davies is the editor
Judy Sloane is our main reporter and is based in LA
Steve Payne oversees the New York reporting
Jan Vincent-Rudzki is the UK editor based in London
Joe Nazarro is a New York based journalist
Jim Dawson is a Los Angeles based reviewer.
Ian Spelling is a New York based journalist
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